"Aeron Kury knocks its out of the ballpark with this futuristic novel. It was so realistic that I felt I was looking through a crystal ball. It was extremely scary, but had a strong moralistic message of hope.
I would highly recommend reading this book."
Rachael Harris
"This Book Rocks! Aeron Kury is a literary rockstar. I think he just might be a modern day Prophet. This book is a must read for anyone who wants to see what the future might realistically be like."
Joseph Dubroff
"This novel is very weighty, and the story flows, maintaining your interest. A very exciting and informative read. I would recommend this book to everyone who likes to read."
Bruce Desoto

"I like how the author offers a fresh new interpretation of the prophecies that makes sense. I think this fictional story just might end up turning out to be a non-fiction one. Absolutely Loved It!"
Patrick Wilkerson

"The author presents both sides of the God argument in the story; 

the side that believes, and the side that doesn't. I found this dissension to be very provocative. Definitely kept my interest."

Edward Reiner

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